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As a first time visit to Sri Lanka, It was an excellent idea to choose an internal travel agency, as it was difficult to manage personally or through another external travel agency. My choice for choosing “Nature Paradise Travels” travel agency was proposed by a good friend who enjoyed the program and recommended the company for me and my husband.
When we dealt with the company’s operator who made good effort to prepare a good offer for 10N/ 11D, with a reasonable price for 4* and 3* accommodation,
The tour guide was with us since our arrival to Colombo air port till our departure to the same air port. .
We enjoyed the whole trip as it included variety of activities and atmosphere and sight seeing. We enjoyed hiking (in Sigirya Lion Rock, Little adam’s peek, Horton place National Park), salaries (in Minneriya and Yala National Parks), whale watching and swimming (in Merissa), Turtle watching (in Madu River).
Sir Lanka is a very clean country compared to other countries with higher economy, also its atmosphere was healthy and having several fragrances (either tea, coconut, other herbs), however the humidity was high but it was tolerable as the plants absorbed most of moist weather.¬†We highly recommend “Nature Paradise Travels” as a successful best local travel agency.