Village tours

A Glimpse into Sri Lankan Village Life

The tour commences with a cart ride on a traditional Sri Lankan working cattle cart, meandering through a small rural village down to a fresh water lagoon. From the cart you will step onto a local village canoe. The local guide will point out the native flora and fauna along the way as you head towards a small section of land used for village agriculture, growing seasonal crops of rice, onions and others.  The guide may even make you a hat out of lotus leaf to protect you from the sun.
From the canoe ride you will walk through the fields to the working home of those tending the crops. The friendly villagers will offer you a herbal tea with jaggery (Sri Lankan sugar) and show you their very basic but beautiful way of life. Once refreshed its back to the canoe heading back across the lagoon picking up some fresh lotus leaf to act as your plate during lunch. Back on land its time for lunch, feasting  on traditional local food such as wild rice, various curries and fresh fried lagoon fish.
This is a great opportunity to give a little back to the hard working yet very poor local villagers. Highly recommended

Cam and Amy