Just got back from an amazing holiday in Sri Lanka. If you haven’t been to this beautiful country I really do recommend it. The people are so chilled, in 2 visits in 5 years I only met & saw friendly loving people.
Highlight was seeing Blue Whales from only a few metres away, as well as an amazing Leopard (pic to follow).
Then we saw giant green Turtles laying their egs and then watching hundreds of hatched turtles making their way to the ocean under a full moon.
The beaches are amazing, we spent countless hours body surfing in Mirissa Beach, and then camping in Yala National Park on a 2 day safari.
Big thanks to my good friend Nuwan We luckily engaged Nuwan as our driver 5 years ago and naturally did again this time. He is the prefect guide/driver for any visit to Sri Lanka.
Thanks Nuwan for the great care & laughs, we all love you!
Zaf UK